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N-code search map
N-code search map is here.

The site for mobile
N-code search for mobile is here
April 21, 2008

The free search site for cell-phone has been released!

We have developed the site that can acquire the current position using N-code anywhere in the cell-phone coverage area in Japan. The service supports four main mobile carriers. You can check a map, attach a message and a photograph with location information, and send an email with the attached information. In addition, you can have map search on the whole world using N-code. When you do not know the current location, you can easily tell your family or friend about your position. You can use it for meeting up friends or other situation. However, the service is available only in Japan.

April 7, 2008

N-code search for the whole world is now available!

N-code map is now available and can have location search on the whole world. You can set a favorite position as Home Position at the initial screen. In approximately 50km square where your Home Position is center, you can have 5m accuracy search result by inputting 8 digits numbers. The marker can be put in arbitrary place and is usable as it prints the position information. The marker function can be used for many situations such as travel, work, in your daily life, etc. Anyone in the world can use the service. Especially, it would be a very useful tool in case of natural disaster or the place where there are no address or name.

N-code search map
It is whole world where, but a search is possible
The whole world is any kind of place, but has a position search with about 5m precision when I input a block number, unit number, a mesh number of East-West - north and south each. (home position) and input registering an N cord to always use with become simple. In addition, the N cord of the center point on the screen is displayed by the right upper part.
Indication Method of N-code
ex. 6A,4288/5110-5609
Block number, Unit number / East and west - North and south Mesh number

Ncord is patent pending now, and you need contacting us for use of the N-code system except searching places in this site.
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