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Utility Value

  • The importance of Location Information is getting high in IT, digitalization, and GIS society.
  • N-code can be used in transportation, sightseeing, logistics, road, water supply and sewerage systems, communication, electricity, environment, welfare, education, information, mass media, etc. and also it is high versatile.
  • Conventionally, the coordinate in ordinary maps such as road map and travel map is different from GIS data. However, N-code makes it possible to unify the coordinates of the digital map and paper map.
  • The integration makes possible for citizen and government to exchange information interactively and directly in shorter time, therefore, N-code would be a very important tool for crisis management.
  • The value of traffic sign would be more appreciated than ever if N-code is used in traffic signs.
  • You can easily input the target destination if N-code is used in cell-phone or car navigation system.
  • Location information is important in TV news, travel, food program, etc. However, the information is not treated carefully. You can know the proper place by displaying N-code in the edge of the screen.
  • When you look at old pictures of sightseeing, you remember the date, but you do not remember where you took the picture. GPS and N-code can solve the problem by attaching N-code along with the date.

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